ISUS Job Description

What is an Online ESL Telephone Teacher?

ISUS trainers conduct telephone classes from their homes via telephone or VoIP and sending feedback to students via the ISUS platform. Their responibilities involve giving classes through discussions, role-plays and, when appropriate, monitoring student's performance on the GlobalEnglish platform.

An ISUS trainer is much more than a conventional teacher. They are also a motivator and personal mentor who guides the student through their learning experience.

Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching class sessions via the telephone (25 minutes per session).
  • Sending feedback after every session (approx. 5 minutes).
  • Monitoring student's progress with ISUS or GlobalEnglish self-study plans.

Student Profile:

Students are adult learners who use English for their jobs. Their age ranges between 25-55. Students are employed in multinational firms, and usually receive training as a benefit from their employer. Their linguistic levels range from pre-intermediate to advanced. The application of their learning is in line with their professional tasks: negotiations, meetings, presentations, e-mail communication, etc. as well as the sector in which they are employed: telecommunications, banking & finance, energy, etc. and finally, the job post they occupy: finance, HR, sales, marketing, IT, administration etc.

Materials and Method:

Trainers are supplied with all lesson materials (Grammar, Vocabulary Development, Role-Plays / Discussions / Follow-up,and Listenings) designed to cover an entire academic year (10 months). The telephone class method is easy to apply, practical, and all relevant training is provided.

Academic Year, Workload and Schedules

ISUS trainers work year-round, and the academic year is not divided into semesters as the student body is composed of adult learners involved in on going training programs. Most students will suspend their classes over holiday periods in their country of origin.

Trainers can work up to 25-30 hours a week, Monday to Friday, although ultimately you can work as little or as much as you want. As students are scattered across time zones, trainers enjoy a maximum level of flexibility as the ISUS Coordination Department (responsible for assigning students to tutors) has a wide range of timetables to choose from. Most teachers prefer to work in blocks of 2-4 hours.

Class sessions last half an hour per session (half an hour: 25 minutes of class and 5 minutes of feedback/correction). Monitoring student progress on either ISUS or GlobalEnglish course is considered to be part of the class preparation process.

Experience and Skills Required, Selection Process & Teacher Training

ESL or other teaching experience is generally expected of candidates although exceptions are made and thorough training is provided before formal ISUS certification. We are most interested in enthusiastic, motivated individuals who are passionate and committed to helping people learn. We ask that candidates meet the following criteria:

  • Native English speaker
  • IT literate (and have telephone, computer, broadband internet connection)
  • ESL or other educational field qualifications and/or experience
  • Business experience is also highly-valued

Our standard selection process works as follows: After initial application filtering, a candidate will receive an first screening telephone call interview of 10-20 minutes. Selected cadidates will then be given access codes to our ISUS platform to watch training tutorials on method and materials. A practice student will be assigned to the teacher and a second interview will be conducted using a role-play interview method. If the candidate performs well in this interview, they will receive a final induction session on materials and methodology. A final certification class will be assigned to the candidate as the last step in the process. Having completed this class, the candidate will receive an ISUS Tutor Certificate and can come on board as a member of staff.

The entire process can be conducted over the space of 5 days, requiring a approximately of 5-10 hours of the candidate's time (dedicated to becoming familiar on a self-study basis with the ISUS platform, materials, the GlobalEnglish course, and time spent speaking with ISUS pedagogical support trainers).

Economic Conditions, Contract and Fiscal Obligations

Trainers are hired on a freelance basis and are paid for the number of hours they do on a monthly basis. Rates of pay are very competitive and quoted according to your country of fiscal residence and your local currency. Telephone costs are covered with a standard supplement that is included in the stated hourly rate. We will provide you with options in your country of origin that fit within this budget.

A contract is provided to establish rate of pay, payment method and procedure, and rights of employee and employer to withdraw collaboration. Our human resources department will be able to help you and provide guidance on tax related information.

Payment and Administrative Procedures

Payment is made at the close of the month within 5-10 working days of your having submitted administrative end-of-month data (depending on your country of residence). This process is all managed with ISUS through which you will receive an automatic statement of your monthly earnings.

Joining the ISUS team

Interested candidates should apply through the online application form on this microsite.